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Are you using Windows 8 on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC?

Some of you might not be able to make an easy switch to Windows 8 OR there might be something you would like to change OR there must be something you are still missing on the new Windows 8.

Whatever it is, shout your voice here ! Your voice will be heard ! Help change Microsoft, Let's make Windows even better.

(Your voice will be heard by Microsoft. Lets make Windows better.)

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Anonymous said...

don't set your new phones at a very high price ... set a standard

Anonymous said...

As long as Microsoft doesn't make its own phones it is impossible to catch up with iphone's success. The success of Apple is to create well designed characteristic hardware not the OS itself. Performance of the OS comes later. I never used an Apple product but my observation is people buy smart phones to be cool not because they need any of the many features comes in smartphones. Nearly all smartphones comes with similar features and functions. What makes the difference is the design of how these features are served.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to plug my phone into my printer/scanner via usb and use it like a laptop. And I'd like to have a usb memory stick or SD card on the phone charger so when I charge it - it automatically backs up data. Chris J Roberts.

Randall Hagin said...

On Phones I like to see Flash. I rather see the one thing that android has over a window phone crushed. This will also one up the windows phone to iphone.

On the Tablet side I would love to see Microsoft have a art tablet. Basically, I want a wacom pen and pressure sensitivity with the ability to programs like gimp or Photoshop. (I know that a big wish list but dang! Why not?!) =D

apple_ology said...

release WIndows mobile 8 phone before iphone 5

FrankL68 Netherlands said...

The reason why I (and many others) stick to WM6.5 on my HTC HD2 is my navigation program TomTom. I have tried many other navigation programs, but TomTom is the best. TomTom is only available for WM6.5 and lower, and the iPhone.

I also hope that ALL my WM6.5 programs will be available on WM8.

I also want to have full desktop browsing (with flash), and that it will support Skype (with webcam).

If this can be stuck on a big fast phone, like the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Hope this will be there soon), than I would be very happy, and WM8 can be bigger than Android and iPhone)

zickovich72 said...

3D video capability with free 3D glasses on tablets, pcs and cell phones (-:

Anonymous said...

I got to hate how MS took over the PC market, now I'm seriously concerned that android and IOS are taking over the mobile market, I want to see MS back in the mobile market This is an interesting article on what might be in the new MS mobile OS and mentions a number of additions that could make the OS an option for me
1. expandable memory 2. encryption 3. MS PC apps integration
4. serious skype integration

I currently use android and its fine, IOS is not an option, but I'm fed up with the fragmentation, and the lack of OS updates, and some other issues. MS should realize that there are a lot of people out there looking for an alternative, but to jump to another OS they need a minimum level of OS specs

Randall Hagin said...

Lately, I have been search more and more for a business phone. Because I am up for an upgrade. Now, I've kept my eye out on windows 8 mobile because I want Microsoft word and spreadsheet as my apps of choice. Also, I would love a dictation app that I can use in word. Something I could write a novel with while I drive an hour to work. The reason is I'm writing ebooks to sell. This is probably the biggest thing I'm shopping in a phone. This app could even be used to write up documents for any business on the fly. I'm not expecting Dragon Naturally speaking but a tool that I could actually use I think will make a huge plus for windows vs apple/google.

Luke said...

I think that if Microsoft wants to be able to compete with Apple and android, then when this phone is released they need to blow it up. i am an android user but want the windows phone 7. they need to be able to show everuone what their phone can do and why it is better. They need to let people know that they can be competative with the other OS' out there. People just need to know about it and why it is better than the other OS' out there.

Madhu said...

Eagerly waiting for the windows 8 .Should come with a blast in mobile industry . , None should be a competetor to windows 8 .., should use extreme technology ..,

Anonymous said...

I like to see in windows phone8 first bluetooth transfer of data,USB,conecting with PC without zune softver,strong batery,microSD suport,microsoft security essentials antivirus out of box(or some newer version),wider range of praises phones(chiper phones not onlu highend),posibilitu of changable wallpapers(and live wallpaper) in main menu and in list of programs,posibility to run older windows7 programs,free bing maps,xbox games suport(inbuild),skype support(video call).new task manager,kvik on/off tile for wi-fi,bluetooth and pocketdata.

Anonymous said...

Just some ideas I would like to see implemented...

Discount for owning a Retail copy of Windows 7/8 when bought from Microsoft.

Dual core and quad core phones with app development requiring all apps to have 4+ threads usable.

USB 3.0 technology.

Multi touch screens.

1600x900, 1920x1080 or better 16:9 screen options at launch.

Video/Audio out port.

Superior audio hardware to take advantage of quality headphones. Support high quality audio formats other than .WAV

Remote desktop or similar functions, including but not limited to waking windows 8 from sleep, starting a remote installation of a application, remote shutdown, file transfers, streaming media, and task manager...

adam said...

Dual Core or even Quad Core processors
300+ ppi
thinner, lighter weight
1080p back camera
lighter weight, thinner
I really like the design of the white Nokia Lumia 900 and this site's concept designs 2 & 13.

Anonymous said...

Need to increase the apps to the highest number among all Mobile OS. See the market, whose app list is highest has highest percentage of share in market.....

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please. Do you hear me....PLEASE let the next generation of it's phone seamlessly and easily and either wirelessly or via usb with Outlook. I'm tired of finding the reviews from my fellow Windows phone users speaking of the difficulties syncing and even losing data from one to the other.

Phani said...

Does Windows phone 8 support WPF applications?
We are developing thin client WPF application for Windows XP/7 for running on the Netbook (i.e. ATOM processor) for collecting the field data.
Our customer wants us to know, whether the same application can be used on WP8 tablet?
appreciate help

DeChe said...

Windows 8 at first glance appears to be great for the average user, business and consumer, moving towards touchpads for regular use. But I didn't think Gamers were really covered in its range.
Please dont forget that alot of non-console Gamers user Windows PC's. :)

DeChe said...

Oh and dont forget the other niche of gamers, the power users who enjoy tweaking their PC's to the max. Will there be a friendly way to do this in Windows 8 without having to go behind its back so to speak?

dget said...

fus ro dah

Ricochette said...

At this point I think MS has to throw a death punch and pull out all the stops, and the mobile assist device from hell be born. WP7 is so useless to most of us who liked the WM 5 and up. I believe the combination of MS, Nokia and Intel should provide the best chance of success.

* Dust, water, shock, drop and scratch resistant
* Metal case construction
* SD card support, hot swappable
* a hot swappable battery design (dual batteries or sm back-up
* Full HD screen resolution or better (be ahead of everyone else)
* Superior camera UI
* Audio quality that will make the most pickey listeners stream tears of joy
* Superior graphics chip for the X-Box gamers you want to entice
* Remote servers (cloud) an option to transfer our stuff. I prefer to manually move data, pics, docs and the like. The old WM let us do that.
* All hardware must be better, bigger and faster to get the consumer to just glance that direction rather than think to themselves, "that's nice, wish 'em well".

At this point you have betrayed our trust and hope. You will have to be more advanced than ANY other competitor or you will be walking the plank with this consumer.

WebInsider said...

Windows Mobile 8 Phone must have, at a minimum, the following improvements over Mango:
Need a screen you can see in daylight on phone & pad. Apple's dictation (Siri) capability is magnificent... will kill Win8 unless Microsoft offers an equivalent.
Beat Apple's Display resolution (640 x 960 pixels).
Match Apple's 64Gb phone or, better yet, also allow SD-type removable memory (you can keep the proprietary MS formatting by providing a PC program to move data, songs, etc. to the SD in the correct format for use on the phone).
Allow the Win8 phone to be a wifi hotspot.
Match the Apple 1080p@30fps, LED video light.
TV-out and support multiple core CPU's

Anonymous said...

I'm anticipating a Windows Mobile 8 phone, but as Webinsider stated; it has to have a killer screen and at least 4" (preferrably 4.5") in order to do work efficiently; 32/64 Gb RAM; micro SD-card support; wifi and wifi hotspot; 4G LTE (and for God's sake get more phones for Verizon); HD camera(s) and video playback; instant on; REMOVABLE BATTERY; lenthy run time on a charge; OTA updates and synch; docking station w/keyboard (similar to the ASUS Transformer Prime); must be quad core (anything less and your eating dust)...

WebInsider said...

Relative to Anonymous in its March 30, 2012 10:50am comments:

Anonymous outlined all the things we forgot in our earlier comment.... especially the screen-size, 4G LTE, HD camera/video, and Removable battery.

We understand MS apprehension about removable (SD-type) memory and its forcing its own format for companies that dare to include this feature. We believe that ignoring this important flexibility is short-sighted. If MS could supply a PC/Internet app that would monitor/control and format the "SD" for Windows 8 Phone use... it still would be able to interdict any data/app that does not conform to Windows 8 phone standards/restrictions. This "controlled" expansion of memory and interchangeability of "SD's" for developer/user flexibility would show MS prowess over Android and most certainly iPhone. Direct email comments to:

Anonymous said...

I want to be able to send a fax using my cell phone to make the connection. Just plug my fax into my cell phone and use my fax to dial like it was plugged into a land line.

Anonymous said...

Windows Mobile 7 lack of functionality is actually quite and OH&S issue.

I have begun using a bluetooth hands free as I spend a lot of time in the car. The lack of volume control (there's only one which covers every sound) means that I'm almost deafened everytime an alarm reminder or incoming message alert goes off.

C'mon MS, I want to stick with MS stuff across the board (I tried Android and came back to WinMob7), but seriously the current lack of functionality is dangerous!!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon MS, let's put some sync capabilities back into Win Mobile.

Using SkyDrive is a pain in the @rse!!!! One of the primary reasons I gave Android away (after a short stint) was to get Explorer/sync capabilities back and much to my dissapointment I find it's not there!!!!!

Example one (of the stupidity which you have created)
I'm sitting at desk and I want to get picture off my phone, which was SMS'd to me. How do it I do it? My phone is actually connected to PC via cable only 200mm long.

However I cannot use this direct connection cable, I am forced to upload to the cloud (a server probably 2000kms away), so I have to access my phone, go the Pictures, choose upload, then I have to log in to SkyDrive, navigate directories, find and download. All in all surely it would be much easier and a lot faster (I'm sure all Win Phone/Mobile users agree) if I could just open Explorer and drag the image to my computer.

And here's the real kicker. If the scenario above wasn't bad enough already, I can't actually access the pictures directory (tells me to discosnnect) on the phone while it's connected to the phone. So I have to actually disconnect my phone before I can select the image I want to upload to SkyDrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go figure - how stupid.

Back to the future guys. Win6.5 and earlier certianly had some nice functionality which shouldn't be ignored. Rather than try and mimic the other (non business) oriented mobile OSs out there, why not create something truly amazing - soemthing useful.

The advantage that MS has over all those other gimmick driven OS is that it's useful. Well removing Explorer functionality from your Phone/Mobile platform just means you've lost that usefulness and you are also 100 years behind in gimmicks, so you've got nothing without Explorer functionality. Put it back.

Abhishek Sinha said...

3 features that i would love to see in windows mobile8 are:

1. Call reject. Strong call reject features which disallows the people from calling me. Look at Samsun gAndroid, when i put a contact in a reject list, that contactfeels like my number no longer exists instead of ringing once and then rejecting the call. Then Windows 8 should also have the feature of message blocking the same contact. Mobile is a personal device for me meant for my family and inner circle of friends.

2. IE should have the same experience of Safari on iOS. Man, safari is still the best mobile web browser in the market.

3. Office connectivity. YES that's the most important. Already windows have taken the right steps and few more they will secure the number 1 spot in this league. Connectivity to Lync communicator, strong Rich tect message capabilities in corporate email department (just like iOS 5 features), that 's it. Windows will be people's darling for corporate usage.

I am looking forward to these additions in Windows 8.

Anonymous said...

customer service is paramount these days and most companies are horrible at prepared to service a variety of issues with rollout and upgrades quickly and efficiently. This will go a long way to winning hearts and minds. Also, publish upgrade information for each supported phone type early. Many of us have phones that are a bit older running Windows 7 and will need to know if they can keep there old phone or make other decisions.

Anonymous said...

I won't buy a windows 8 mobile device unless I can sync it via usb cable with outlook on my PC. I do NOT want confidential data synced to the cloud. Also, there should be no limit on name sizes in contacts, nor in the number of contacts.

Anonymous said...

just handed my Nokia phone Back Windows 7.5 is Bad. No Today Screen, No Sync via Usb etc etc HOW CAN YOU GO BACKWARDS THIS IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT


Anonymous said...

Hey Microsoft,

The Surface looks cool and all, but I was disappointed at a lack of info regarding WP8 for mobile devices. I want to know if you will be moving your OS onto more mobile providers. I do not see the benefit of ATT unless you have a group plan. It is unfortunate that the flagship phones with WP7 were all tied to ATT. How about T mobile or Sprint?

Finally, when are we going to learn more about what is going on with Microsoft and Nokia. I love Nokia phones. They are well made, perform fast, and have good battery life. The partnership over WP7 with Nokia was a good thing. I bought my girlfriend a Lumia and I am quite jealous of it over my Android. It is a great phone. What is in store? I am looking to buy a smartphone by the end of the year. Will there be a Nokia running WP8?

Brian Nguyen said...

Will Windows 8 phones and tablets use the tabtip.exe feature?? I would really like to see the handwriting to text feature use instead of using the keyboard or swipe.

mark pyle said...

do you have free maps like google android

mark pyle said...

you will never compete with google without the free maps. That was why i bought an android instead of a windows phone.

djs2rent said...

WHAT!!! I have Win7.5 mobile... you mean people have to pay for maps. Are we talking about maps you use to travel???

Farzan Ahmed said...

Dose Windows Mobile 8 support CAB file

BEDE said...

Complains about iOS: why doesn't it allow one to set as ringtone or alarm any .mid, .mp3 or other soud files (on a WM 6.5 phone I may set any sound file as ringtone, but not as alarm)? Why not to browse the whole storage like a mass storage device (Windows Mobile 6.5 does allow that, while Windows Mobile 7 I've learnt it doesn't)? Hope Windows 8 Mobile will connect seamlessly to a Windows 7 PC and allow browsing and transfering files from one system to another without requiring any special program/interface to be installed on the PC. What about backward compatibility with applications that worked on Windows Mobile 6? Any plans for that?

cmg said...

I believe the windows 8 phone will have a big ringtone difference, Its going to be a great phone, like no other.

Jeff Kirkpatrick said...

Now there are only 39 comments on here....not one was responded to by anyone from Microsoft regarding anyone's concerns. I want my voice HEARD AND responded to. I want blacklisting. Call Rejecting. And someone to actually respond to the OVER 5k people requesting this....anyone? I didnt think so. Other than someone saying "go here to put a response in the ideas section". Microsoft obviously doesnt give a sh*t about what we have to say. :) Hello Android.


windows 7 must be developed for desktop and laptops...w8 and surface is not good for laptops and desktops

Tahseen Hassan said...

i hopefully guys to creating a videos player can play all formats like MXPLAYER in android
this yxplayer in windows 8 is useless and not free even.

Eric said...

I can not change my profile picture on my 8x

newave said...

I'm tired of squinting at a little screen and squishing my thumbs in to text . I want a tablet sized screen but I need a phone.
I like cell phone providers talk and data plans and I don't want two fumble with two devices. And I need and love that seamless
compatibility between windows devices and my computer. Also I am tired of generic android looking and low quality apps .
Come on already someone make a 6 to 7 inch device with a small wearable earpiece that's comfortable and stylish .
I need to talk and type at the same time.
Its too bad the HTC one max is an android device that would have been a good start.

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