How should Windows Mobile 8 be ?

I think Microsoft should keep the following things in mind.

-> Use their touch flow technology (Microsoft Surface Technology) and integrate them into the new Mobile      Operating System.
-> Listen to what people want.
-> Make the third party companies build a Sleek, slim and big screen device.
-> Integrate HD technology.
-> Multi-touch and Multi-processing OS
-> Powerful processor (at least 2 GHZ)
-> Faster and simple internet experience
-> Make it open source
-> Not stick to AT&T or any companies but make it available everywhere.
-> Free Applications and Games
-> Very large App Store
-> True HD camera (at least 12 MP) with Flash Light.
-> Real in-built HD camcorder (1080 p)
-> Big icon, easy to customize and smooth touch flow
-> Make Live TV on the go
-> Real Time GPS navigation with turn by turn voice
-> Cheaper Price (at least cheaper than new Android devices)
-> Free updates and a very good Customer Support

And what else? Well, What's your thoughts and what do you want to see in the new Windows Mobile Operating System?

Your suggestions and comments will be highly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Make windows mobile 8 fancy like iphone but useful like android. Best of both smart phones. And add a little Microsoft Logo.

WindowsMobileFreeLancer said...

The biggest change should be Open Source. Common Microsoft, make Windows Mobile 8 available to freelancer and devs worldwide. We will take care of the Apps and Games.

Anonymous said...

I like open source and I dont. I see both sides. what ever you do with the WM8 please, please scrap silverligh and go back on the compact framwork. all software writen for 5-6-6.5 are not compatible with 7. WHY?
I can see WM7 be the next Window ME, a flop. Companies that spend years writing software are not going to start from scartch, they will abandon WM platform, SKYPE and others have aready jumped ship. Please stop the non sence.
COMPART FRAMEWORK please, not silverligh

Anonymous said...

i thiks that would be very cool if microsoft support some designers and many many feedbacks from peaple about design, simpler ,easy,understandable,
and from the functionailty side, to be very powerfull,

Alexbiz said...

Add and simplify security.
Support Privacy.
all pictures to be sent by phone to home device automatically via web secure transmission.

Anonymous said...

Stop trying to restrict advanced OS users from being able to tailor their mobile products features, settings, UI/Interface. Make an OS that allows both novice users who would like the social networkyness of windows mobile 7 with its "boundaries" to prevent messing something up AND advanced users who are sticking to windows mobile 6 and 6.5 who like being able to turn down the "pretty" and use it as a workhorse that allows them to manipulate how they use the mobile device.

Windows mobile 7 was such a major let down for its restrictive access to settings and how menues and features were accessed or diplayed, lack of built in software and options (making users pay for every little thing on marketplace), and requirements to be signed in to services to use half of the few features provided.

LET MY USERS GO!!! or watch our backsides as we cross the red sea of tape to someone elses promise land like the ridiculous apple stuff or the increasingly apple like droid.

"Windows mobile, your my only hope *BZZZ* Windows mobile, your my only hope..."

Anonymous said...

Make one OS for desktops, mobiles and pads! I have the dream that I put my 2012 Windows Phone in a docking station and connect ist to keyboard, mouse, printer, automated backup drive and 24 inch display and so I do not need any longer to synchronize.
This would be a real mobile office.
Make the docking station sandardized for ever, so where ever you are you can connect you have a working place.

Anonymous said...

For me to go back to WM after a long hiatus I must be able to completely, let me emphasize that, completely be able to configure the menus, look and feel, colors, fonts, and home screen.

I don't think that is too much to ask. Especially not in this day and age.

And there must be apps comparable in functionality and number of them to Apples.

Do that and you might get me back from the competition. Bring out another half-assed o/s and the futher MS falls from my radar.

You've got to be better than the competition, not comtinue to be consistently a few steps and years behind them.

Anonymous said...

2 words: Mobile XP

phones, desktops, tablets. get back to function over form, be the producer of software that works and works hard utility wise instead of just pretty...and not working. go back to your best product as the exemplar: Windows XP. If it works for netbooks then Im pretty damn sure it would work in smartphones and tablets by now with only minor tweeks and let us take care of how it looks from there.

Anonymous said...

definitely.. compact framework should be there... we're developing for the enterprise market and not to the high schoolers. WP7 is totally useless(for me). what we want is a powerful cuztomizable OS(Like WM 6.5) what we was expected was to address the issues of 6.5 and give it a good dress. but what MS was done is a total crap. what was happend is software vendors stopped supporting windows. ie skype. though MS bought skype they still coud'nt give a skype for WP7. wot a shame.... what we want is more powerfull os than 6.5 not a toy to playwith.

What i suggest is to continue the WM 6.5 development and release a WM 7 with advanced features. we dont want WP7 crap. WP7 drawing us away from MS. if they continue this idiotic strategy they loose thire developer base aswell.


Anonymous said...

Bring back tethering in WM8 or MS is dead to me - dead.

Anonymous said...

multitasking, blue tooth file sharing, copy/cut-paste, music player equalizer,usb mass storage function must be added...

Anonymous said...

Windows Mobile 8 must allow a direct sync to Microsoft Outlook. Uploading calendars and contacts to a Windows Live Hotmail account and then syncing the Windows Mobile phone through the cloud is unacceptable. Microsoft does not have a seamless product comparable to the Mobile Me service of Apple to provide easy syncing of contacts, calendar, and e-mail through the cloud.

Anonymous said...

The wm8 which i am looking forward to should have not only a good inbuilt memory but should be expandable upto 32GB(at least!).Moreover don't forget it's a phone not a tablet and it shouldn't be too large in size.

Freaker said...

Should be compatible with the desktop os and the phone os.and should provide upgradable enhances like android.

Should be compatible with the desktop os and the phone os.and should provide upgradable enhances like android.

Raj said...

Hologram projection should be part of windows 8 phone. Should have a good voice recognition system and compatible with any html browsers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Should be able to remote control your desktop and access your desktop w/o lagging. I guess this is also carrier's responsibility.

include NFC; work with all vendors AMEX, DISC. VISA MASTER...government agency, public trans...etc able to pay using WP8 ..bus ..train...everything. Asian countries already got NFC cards / phones.

low power LED screens and MSFT should start building their own cell towers to boost WP8 signals... which should lower battery usage. if not able to do this now, start inventing!

all WP8 should be multicore and w/ at least 2gb ram / 8mgpix cam/

include mini solar panels to WP8; I know it's prob useless but it can be fail safe backup for emergency calls with screen shut off and still able to make emergency calls or sending out SOS position signals etc.

Anonymous said...

iPhone creates a new era for “Smart Phone”. That’s why they dominate. If Microsoft wants to win the game, you need to think ahead to change the game rule. I suggest you make “Smart Phone” to become a “Smart Device” such that it works beyond as a phone and it is part of people’s life and people cannot live without it.

(1) In the living room, Windows Phone should be part of home entertaining suite
a. I should be able to browse TV channels in my Windows phone, then press a button to play it at my TV.
b. Either Windows phone can control the TV through XBox or I can put some IP device with my TV to make my TV be controlled by Windows Phone through wireless.
(2) At home, Windows Phone needs to be part of the home network.
a. I should be able to browse the files in my home network Windows PCs or transfer files between my Windows phone and my home Windows PC
b. I should be able to print the photo from my Windows Phone to my printer
(3) On the road, Windows Phone needs to part of my journey
a. When I dock my Windows Phone in my car, Windows Phone needs to become an excellent GPS to guide my route.
b. Windows Phone should integrate with a better traffic information to warn me ahead.

In terms of voice recognition (Siri in iPhone 4S), I don’t think the technology is there and I don’t think it can be so humanized to recognize the voice in different accents or in different background. But if Microsoft has some break-through technology, that should be a killer too.


Anonymous said...

Make it like a computer. When i go to buy my windows phone8 i want to go through and pick the exterior of the phone then pick what type of prossesor i will need, how much ram i want and how much internal memory i want. the screen should be bright and vivid but use low power such as LED. my battery shouldnt die on me just because i listen to music and browse the web then make 2 30min calls. maybe a lipo battery? Also I WANT FOLDERS!!! in wm6.5 i could go to my documents or ringtones or my pictures i want that back i like the basic browsing like any computer has. Apps i want more free apps that actually do something not these half @$$ free apps that tell me the color of my shirt or that add a mustach to anyones face. i want apps that i can actually use like an OBD2 Car diagnostic reader.

Please microsoft i can see you kinda trying but i want more i dont like android and i cant stand apple your all i got and i feel kinda cheated with 7.5

Anonymous said...

Please do what a great number of people desire and make the font size adjustable

Flewkit said...


Steve from London

I have been using win om since its first release on the market, i currently use winmo 6.5 as the latest offering is far from what i had expected. Winmo 7 has a fantastic conceptual front end which is easy to move around. my real anoyance is with the idea that everyone wants to use cloud technology. To ask Winmo users who are used to having PC connectivity for outlook, excel etc. is in my view short sighted. limiting phone owners to small amounts of memory when all handsets are moving forward is also wierd, who do microsoft think they are? Apple!
Come on guys, its now possible to run XP on a HTC HD2 surely if you want to win over the market, build a platform that links closely to your desktop environment. A child could see how beneficial that would be.

Anonymous said...

buy apple shares.... and forget about windows mobile!

Anonymous said...

i need better multitasking features :-)

Anonymous said...


Office in windows phone mango is a big shame to microsoft features ......even "quick office" and "documents to go" is BETTER THAN THE OFFICE in WP7.5.........


Jonathan Richardson said...

I got the Zune HD for Christmas last year. I found out two months later they discontinued them. It seems like whenever Microsoft has a good idea they throw it away. Now Google and Apple have practically replaced the notorious Microsoft and I'm stuck with a Zune that everyone talks garbage about. I can't find any Zune products, or use it for hardly anything. Now I feel like I should have gotten an Ipod Touch. I'm sad :(

dieter said...

just make it work in landscape mode and add a full-size slide out keyboard in order for it to work great on the business market.

Anonymous said...

Should support html5 better, flash , java .

fred said...

many of us from nigeria want it this way Integrate HD technology.
-> Multi-touch and Multi-processing OS
-> Powerful processor (at least 2 GHZ)
-> Faster and simple internet experience
-> Make it open source
-> Not stick to AT&T or any companies but
make it available everywhere.
-> Free Applications and Games
-> Very large App Store
-> True HD camera (at least 12 MP) with
Flash Light.
-> Real in-built HD camcorder (1080 p)

fred said...

many of us from nigeria want it this way Integrate HD technology.
-> Multi-touch and Multi-processing OS
-> Powerful processor (at least 3 GHZ)
-> Faster and simple internet experience
-> Make it open source
-> Not stick to AT&T or any companies but
make it available everywhere.
-> Free Applications and Games
-> Very large App Store
-> True HD camera (at least 12 MP) with
Flash Light.
-> Real in-built HD camcorder (1080 p)

Anonymous said...

I would expect from Winphone 8:
- full integration with Outlook, including tasks and notes
- full feature Office and pdf reader
- folders to carry documents and others (word, excel, pictures, etc)
- syncing through both usb and the cloud
All these are the very basic needs for business use, already available in Winmob 6.5 .
Social network, music, etc. are cool features but not a priority for working people.
Skype video call would be great as well.

Anonymous said...

I have a windows 7 phone, and I had a Palm Treo 680 which I believe Microsoft could learn from. Their calendar is superior to the phone 7 where you cannot get a proper alarm on a calendar item - only a small blip that you may not hear... you have to make an alarm topic in addition. The sound level and type should be slectable in the calendar. When you repeat an event and you later want to reduce the amount of dates, you cannot delete future events - you have to delete every occurrence ...
I am also looking for a database application where I can design my own databases and update them on a desktop application... Why not make one based on Access?
I like the tile concept of w-phone 7. It is easy to find the main topics you are working on dayly.

Anonymous said...

A lost of will thats what i see happening to windows... its hard but its happening limited apps... poor speed... dont let linux win they have the key to the top.... they may beat you not just in phone but also in the computer industry... show how powerful all programmers and window 8 is show the nuke....

Anonymous said...

yeah nuke may be the solution of windows crisis may something that the windows is tha first to have. I'm a fan of windows. I see how the android stayed on the top they do have unending upgrade... good apps market...dont just copy do the thing the windows can only do..

Anonymous said...

Like computer, windows mobile should be able to install over other non user friendly operating system, such as symbian.

Anonymous said...

I think people have given a hell lot of thoughts

- while sleek and big screen is necessary, small and easily carryable is also important - can the phone be made foldable and very small, which can be opened up to big screen as and when necessary.

Anonymous said...


- Micro SD expansion slot
- Full digital content management using wm explorer.
- Active sync or windows app store to let users install applications.
- Full compatibility and connection with Outlook.
- Full compatibility with apps developed previous wm7

Anonymous said...

here some apps i would like to use in my smartphone :
1. free calling like skype
2. multi mail acont up than 5
3. watching tv live from the internet browser
4. scren capture (vdioe/photo)+ sound rec
5. remote all wirles producte
6. hdmi conector
7. aviable to conect the camera to telescop
8. easy interface

Anonymous said...

It seems Apple and Google have not focused on the Business Market. For some reason BB have lost huge share to Apple but it's not due to it being a Business orientated phone. I think it's pure fashion!

Create a decent slim phone with a proper keyboard and business / business colaboration focus and MS will be on to a winner.

Dr Salmon said...

I loved my friend's WM5, I got WM6 with HTC, updated to WM6.1, amazing experience. I got accustomed, purchased some very useful and quite expensive software.
I am now really disappointed that nothing is compatible with WindowsPhone 7. So what I would expect is some backward compatibility (somehow just like Windows 7 seems more backward compatible than Vista). Also, Why MS purchases Skype, is MS users can't make use of it. Can we expect a Windows Phone 8 like that soon? WPhone is about to lose me...

Vamsi said...

design and specs of the smart phones will be almost same. The only thing which makes the difference is the availabiluty of apps. Apple and Android have millions of apps. Microsoft also needs apps atleast equal to those other OSes.

Bring more features quickly and provide software upgrades with those features as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree. Windows 7 mobile, especially with 7.5 is a pretty good os. Lightweight and with very good Facebook and msn integration.

Anonymous said...

the biggest flop of Nokia lumia 800/ 900 is

NO SD card slot

(Most of the program u can copy and install from slot, eg. uptodate medical program)

Perry said...

I've been using Windows Mobile OS since 5...

MS must include the WINDOWS Mobile OS 6.2 capability of complete COPY of ITEMS such as Appointments....
TEXT copy is NOT enough.
For users, LIKE ME, that use a PHONE for a DIARY...the ability to COPY APPOINTMENTS to the future...and leave the original APPOINTMENT unchanged is ESSENTIAL! Right now, it's just EDIT on Windows Phone 7.5...that stinks...and leaves no history of appointments!

iPhones and ANDROIDS do NOT HAVE this capability either!

José Augusto Guimarães said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous (June 7, 2011 05:42). Having used WM5, where there was more scope for advanced users to customise their systems, I find it extremely disappointing that in WM7.5 one is restricted from gaining access to the sim, so that contacts can be managed more effectively, for example.

Anonymous said...

there should be various options (atleast 4) from basic to premium with 3,5,8&12 mega pixel cameras with the respective price from 150$, 300$,450$ & 600$(max). so that everyone can enjoy them (like android). also should be open to third party app developers which can improve its app store. big screen (AMOLED) from 3" to 4".
I always wanted a mobile phone with normal USB port where 1 can connect his memory stick to phone to download contain directly. wish someone will do it oneday :)

Anonymous said...

With more useful apps. Now up to WM7.5 the many useful apps were not available in market like Skype, Call/SMS Black list, Good media player for songs and video. And the integration of Music and Video with a crappy ZUNE etc.

Anonymous said...

The ZUNE should be removed. It should give the capability to transfer muliti music/video types through USB. Now AVI was not supported... LOL. I agree the slug and crash in ANDROID was not happens here and its good. But MS follows its integaration with its own products, Its difficult to competete with ANDROID. Am using WM 7.5 now. Not so happy as my previous mobile GALAXY VIBRANT.


Anonymous said...

make it affordaable to us and release it soon like this year please i am looking forward to getting this phone also make it pretty easy to use and with high sercurity so other people cant go through our phones thxs :)

Anonymous said...

" I have extensively used Windows Mobile 5, 5.5 and 6.0." You must be a major douche.

Anonymous said...

cloud technology good but wm 6.5 better
folders yes
internet sharing?

WebInsider said...

Windows Mobile 8 Phone must have, at a minimum, the following improvements over Mango:
Need a screen you can see in daylight on phone & pad. Apple's dictation (Siri) capability is magnificent... will kill Win8 unless Microsoft offers an equivalent.
Beat Apple's Display resolution (640 x 960 pixels).
Match Apple's 64Gb phone or, better yet, also allow SD-type removable memory (you can keep the proprietary MS formatting by providing a PC program to move data, songs, etc. to the SD in the correct format for use on the phone).
Allow the Win8 phone to be a wifi hotspot.
Match the Apple 1080p@30fps, LED video light.
TV-out and support multiple core CPU's

Anonymous said...

Need equalizer in Zune music player

Corné "Greg" Oppelaar said...

Am I the only one who is happy with WP7? I know that silverlight isn't everything but better care about that we can't freely build apps and put it on the phone?!

Anonymous said...

Does it contain God?

Can I buy one with a God?

Adrian said...

remove the stupid virtual keybord and replace whit normal phone keyboard, DO NOT limit my ringtones to 40 seconds. alow bluethoot sharing. and we wil be ok :)

Anonymous said...

Bring back USB sync and not be forced to use the cloud..maybe allow both options.

Andrew D. said...

Be sure the Win8 phone not just works with Mac OS, but embraces the Apple experience and then trumps it. Sync operations with the Mac desktop should be complete, not just photos & music, a la the WP7 Connector software.

Smooth, aesthetic, idiot-proof, entertaining and of course, developer-friendly.

Anonymous said...

Will support HEBREW language

Ali said...

can I setup it to my HTC HD7 ?

Jejo said...

What will .NET do for windows phone ? How sandboxed will the developer be ? As a legacy from "oldskool" windows, one would expect that the "closed source but very open" would be the weapon of choice against established mastodonts in the mobile world. It is the empowerment of the developer that has kept windows in the running all these years.

Anonymous said...

It should provide full sync with PC and not restricted only via cloud. Full back up to the PC should also be there. Many do not want to sync to cloud due to confidentiallity and legal issues and many do not have Exchange server.

This is main deal breaker for me for Windows Mobile.

Shame that same company makes software that does not talk to each other.

Anonymous said...

Am using Dell venue Pro and i am suffering wit following complaints
>there s no call duration - as like in android
>cant share anything via bluetooth
>cant adjust equilizers
>no data manager as like in other mobile devices
>cant setup any ringtone above 40 sec - tat too unable to set ringtones from music's from mob
>skype doesnot supports built in mic- need to use earphone
>network connectivity s very poor
>cant expand memory card

upto my view better windows can stop their mob os and devices and f.....

finally bot a new android mob
Thank u windows for giving such a f.... mob

accounts software said...

nice one but it can be used on my android operating system if it can be then please lemme know..?

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