Microsoft Surface Pro is the real tablet. Surface RT was just a teaser.

How should Windows Mobile 8 be ?

I think Microsoft should keep the following things in mind.

-> Use their touch flow technology (Microsoft Surface Technology) and integrate them into the new Mobile      Operating System.
-> Listen to what people want.
-> Make the third party companies build a Sleek, slim and big screen device.
-> Integrate HD technology.
-> Multi-touch and Multi-processing OS
-> Powerful processor (at least 2 GHZ)
-> Faster and simple internet experience
-> Make it open source
-> Not stick to AT&T or any companies but make it available everywhere.
-> Free Applications and Games
-> Very large App Store
-> True HD camera (at least 12 MP) with Flash Light.
-> Real in-built HD camcorder (1080 p)
-> Big icon, easy to customize and smooth touch flow
-> Make Live TV on the go
-> Real Time GPS navigation with turn by turn voice
-> Cheaper Price (at least cheaper than new Android devices)
-> Free updates and a very good Customer Support

And what else? Well, What's your thoughts and what do you want to see in the new Windows Mobile Operating System?

Your suggestions and comments will be highly appreciated.

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